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Law Enforcement Torch Run® for Special Olympics
MTM is proud to be the exclusive U.S. Awards Supplier of Special Olympics and a licensee to Torch Run worldwide. The Torch Run is Special Olympics' largest grass-roots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle, raising US$21.4 million for Special Olympics Programs around the world in 2005. More than 85,000 law enforcement officers carried the Flame of Hope across 35 nations, and thousands more supported the runners' efforts through other fundraising programs.

At its most basic level, the Torch Run is an actual running event in which officers and athletes run the "Flame of Hope" to the Opening Ceremonies of local Special Olympics competitions, state/provincial Games, and National Summer or Winter Games.

Every two years, law enforcement officers from around the world gather to carry the "Flame of Hope" in a Law Enforcement Torch Run Final Leg in honor of the Special Olympics World Summer or World Winter Games. The Torch Run Final Leg is not only a salute to the athletes who compete in the Special Olympics World Games, but also an honor for the participating law enforcement officers who make up the Torch Run Final Leg Team. The 2003 Final Leg was the largest event in Torch Run history, covering 9,000 miles and 19 countries throughout Europe, attracting 250,000 spectators.

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MTM has created many commemorative coins for the Torch Run Final Leg. The coin pictured above was made for Japan's Final Leg as a gift item for local dignitaries and as a collector's item for the 2005 Special Olympics World Games Torch Run.

This coin was created by MTM to mark a 25-year milestone for the men and women who devote their time and energy to the Special Olympics Torch Run Movement. It pictures athletes receiving the "Flame of Hope" torch from a law enforcement officer.