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In Gratitude

The recent severe drought conditions in Oklahoma have produced an unprecedented number of wildfires throughout our state. Countless families, thousands of acres, and a multitude of structures have been affected by these destructive firestorms.

Without the skills and tireless efforts of Oklahoma Firefighters and Emergency Personnel, this tragedy could have reached devastating proportions. As a result of their outstanding efforts, our great state has survived one of the worst wildfire seasons in decades. They are true Oklahoma Heroes.

firefighter coins

The Oklahoma Wildfire Defender Coin
MTM has created a commemorative coin that truly reflects our state’s profound appreciation. Countless individuals worked steadfastly with pride, loyalty, sacrifice and courage during the recent wildfire crisis. This finely crafted coin is the perfect gift and symbol of our pride, a reminder for generations of the valor of these Oklahoma men and women.



The Oklahoma Volunteer Firefighter Coin
We are deeply grateful to the many Oklahoma Volunteer Firefighters who, with bravery and heroism, worked tirelessly for the sake of their neighbors and our state. The Oklahoma Volunteer Firefighter coin is a beautiful keepsake that commemorates the many great and courageous sacrifices made by these heroic Oklahomans.